The Lotus Symphony Developer’s Workshop


Symphony API
Symphony API

Today I received a question from a developer who received the question from a customer to store Notes documents as PDF’s via a scheduled agent.

I remember the workshop “The Lotus Symphony Developer’s Workshop” @Lotusphere where in one of the excercises you transformed Symphony documents as PDF’s.

John D. Head wrote in the BP110 presentation:

“We can use a Java Agent to automate Symphony”,

which tends me to say: Yes, it should be possible to convert Lotus Notes documents to PDF using Lotus Symphony on a scheduled basis. Or am I wrong?

Ps. Has anyone the material/excercises/instructions from this hands-on lab?


One thought on “The Lotus Symphony Developer’s Workshop

  1. John Head 2009-March-16 / 6:00 pm

    No, you can not use Symphony to create PDFs from Notes documents. You can create PDFs from a Symphony document – so you would need to build the symphony doc and write over the Notes document. Too much work. Just use one of the pdf tools on that uses PDFFo – so much easier. And it can work from a scheduled agent. Look at my The Document Format dance session from Lotusphere

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