Photo gallery – Some clues?

I have recently written a proposal to a customer regarding the development of an application where the customer can easily upload images and share them in the organization. The customer is working for a marketing department so probably it will be high-resolution pictures they want to share.

In my proposal I wrote that the application would combine techniques that are already available in the ‘Domino world’ to reduce the amount of development hours.

For example, for uploading and creating thumbnails automatically the ‘Picture Gallery‘ project on OpenNTF contains some Java ScriptLibraries that do that work for you. The libraries you can almost as good as copy & paste in your application.

However I have some doubts how I want to display the images. 

  • The SimplePhotoAlbum uses flash and it looks like it is not using thumbnails but it is loading the high resolution pictures as thumbs. The same goes for Dewslider which seems easy to integrate.
  • The gallery for the PictureGallery is not working on my local machine. The other project Domino-Piclens has nothing released.
  • Unfortunately Philippe Gauvin has stopped blogging but he has some good examples using Lightbox and JonDesign’s Smooth SlideShow.
  • Also Michel Van der Meiren describes his trimmed variant of Lightbox.

One feature that I have added in my project description is the possibility to comment on individual photo’s. But this is more a nice to have.

So where to start? Or what to choose? Did I forget an option? And ofcourse is there something you can share?

My thoughts are to distribute the end-result here as a download or on OpenNTF as a project, but then again I do not think that it will a continuous development…