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XML4j.jar and LotusXSL.jar installed on server – How to investigate which applications are using them?

We have some additional programs installed on our servers which are a legacy of previous versions of Domino. With the preparation for an upgrade to 8.5 we are investigating if we still need them. For example in the Notes 8

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Implementing ImageFlow in a Domino app

For my ‘photogallery’ application I got a bit tired of the Smoothgallery implementation. Basically I was looking for sometime more attractive and less ‘busy’. That is when I bumped into ImageFlow a JS image gallery in a iTunes alike way (and

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Implementing Smoothgallery into a Domino application

It was a while since I opened my Designer client for developing a new project due to other responsibilities. At this time I am prototyping a basic Notes application where users can upload images via the Notes client and browse

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The Lotus Symphony Developer’s Workshop

  Today I received a question from a developer who received the question from a customer to store Notes documents as PDF’s via a scheduled agent. I remember the workshop “The Lotus Symphony Developer’s Workshop” @Lotusphere where in one of

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2 embedded views on a form, one not showing :-?

I thought this way something of the past, but currently I am struggling with 2 embedded views on a form. Basically I was adding a tagcloud in Jake’s Blog template on the $$NavigatorTemplate for webLaunch form. This form uses an embedded view to display

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Photo gallery – Some clues?

I have recently written a proposal to a customer regarding the development of an application where the customer can easily upload images and share them in the organization. The customer is working for a marketing department so probably it will

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