I want to believe

This thursday I saw Sharepoint’s WIKI and the X-Files movie ‘I want to believe’ on the same day. Is this a coincident?

We have been reviewing several WIKI systems (one of them was Quickr, the first release). The ones I have seen and used (to generate content) we’re all lacking that finishing touch, that would make them 100% solid and understandable from a user perspective (sorry you Lotus folk but I hope you have done a much better work with the second release of Quickr).

That’s why I was really surprised when I saw Sharepoint’s WIKI with the notice that we were going to use that system. I guess time to market was more important for MS than producing some quality.

The overall feeling among all projectmembers was ‘yes this system is not good at all, but at least we have something and hopefully the issues will be solved in the next release’. I start asking ‘why do people really want to believe that Sharepoint is that good‘?

Well you pay your good money for a system that does not do what you expect it should do and you have no answer if issues will be solved in the future.

Especially the biggest problem we are facing now is that making reference links to Notes documents are not allowed (by default I pressume) since all references must start with http://, https://, ftp:// or other variants but not notes://.

If you have an answer how to ‘enable’ or make it possible to make references to Notes documents please tell me since Google did not brougt me the answer.

Well that’s my aggravation for now, concluding that stupid people should not breath or make IT decisions.

Ps On IMDB you can find the average rating of the X Files movie which is (also) a bit over-rated.


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