Framesets (Notes client), a bug or maybe I am doing something wrong…?

I am experiencing a problem with setting up a Frameset to be used in the Notes client. Here is a simple graphic example how I have set it up:

my frameset
my frameset
In Frame C I am loading a Form that contains the same open and close tables that is used in the OpenTV project on OpenNTF. Each table in the left navigation can expand and collaps itself by an action hotspot with a following construction:
the hotspot and its formula
the hotspot and its formula


Based upon hide/when formulas the tables ‘mimics’ to be collapsed or expanded.

This works nice untill… I use in frame D a new Frameset and one of its Frames is a preview Frame. This preview Frame you get when you name it ‘NotesPreview’ and give it an URL as type (see image below).

the other frameset
the other frameset

Is this a known ‘bug’ ? Or am I doing something wrong? It seems like this preview Frame is ‘consuming‘ the actions that are being triggered when clicking on one of the action hotspots…

Thanks for your help/guidance!

4 thoughts on “Framesets (Notes client), a bug or maybe I am doing something wrong…?

  1. Kevin Pettitt 2008-September-4 / 9:30 pm

    Not sure I follow entirely, but a few possible ideas come to mind:

    1) Set the “default target for links in frame” for frame C to “_self”
    2) Include an @SetTargetFrame(“_self”) line in the hotspot code


  2. quintessens 2008-September-4 / 11:04 pm

    Hi Kevin,

    if I do not use the ‘preview’ pane the ‘left navigator’ with the action hotspots work fine (I can see the values set in the Field ‘nav_option’) but as soon as I add such a ‘preview’ pane it stops setting the value in the Field.

    So without setting targets and not using the ‘preview’ pane the hotspots do their job. With the ‘preview’ pane they don’t. I do not see why targetting would solve the issue? (frankly I tried adding setting targets but this did not help).

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