Combine column lookups

Hejsan. I will pick the quickest way to post something in the SNTT category by just adding an image which explains itself. It is probably taken from a LotuSphere session (guess the session?).

I recently used in in updating an application that was dated somewhere from 1998 and used @DBColumns in a form more than 30 times, so adding this technique was a major performance improvement…

combining multiple dbcolumns
combining multiple dbcolumns

One thought on “Combine column lookups

  1. Charles Robinson 2008-August-26 / 10:50 pm

    That is most likely from Jamie Magee and Kevin Marshall’s LotusScript performance session. I caught that session in 2006. Kevin is the one who discusses it most often, and I first saw him present it at an Advisor conference in 1999. 🙂

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