Elastic Calendar Styling with CSS

Today is my last day in the office before I will enjoy a well deserved summer holidays (here in Sweden my Swedish collegues are already 3 weeks ahead of me). So this last day I was pretty much done with projects so I had some time free to try something new.

In my ‘action folder’ on my desktop there was still an article waiting to be picked up for … something … so I decided to do this today. Like the article-title ‘Elastic Calendar Styling with CSS‘ says some nice calendering can be made just using CSS.

What I have done is placed the code and logic in an Agent, so when you run the Agent in the browser you will get for this month something nice that looks like this:

calendar example
calendar example

Note: the Agent uses the time on your local machine so by changing your date (month) you get a different result. Well I can see some possibilities…

If you are curious, here is a downloadable example. Well I am off for holidays and some happy camping. Hej så länge!


One thought on “Elastic Calendar Styling with CSS

  1. Farooq 2009-September-28 / 1:01 pm

    Hey there,
    Thanks for the excellent example.. This worked evry well for me. I chanegd it so that under each date it will populate the events schedueld. However I have one query. This worked very well for me on one server. But when I ported the same application on a different server on the same domain it doesnt run past this line in whichMonth:

    monthNumber = Month(curDate.DateOnly)

    When I replace curDate.DateOnly with Now() it works.. What could be the problem?

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