Testing Notes 8 – Where to test for?

We have plans for upgrading to Notes 8.01 and the end of may so logically I received the question to test some of the applications I believe are vital for us doing business.

The main question I have is ‘Where to test for ?

A quick ask-around among in my personal network did not lead to any topic to pay attention to. Most of my contacts are not up to Notes8 neither do they have that intention for the next 3 months.

Some minutes of Google-ing did also not bring many answers which sounds promising (no problems at all?).

Nevertheless we have set up test environment with Notes8 server and here are some results which I consider for most of mine applications (document publishing tools) quiet alarming.

Copy Selected as Table

In Notes:

copy selected as table

In a Browser:

copy selected as table (WEB)

Where did the icons go ???

A copied table from the web

In Notes:

copied table from the web

In a Browser:

Somewhere a center alignment is added which can not be allocated in the Notes client…

I also discovered that the merging of columns and rows in a table give nasty, unexpected (and unwanted) results.

So I am wondering what problems / questions other people are experiencing in Notes8? Thanks in advance!


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