Perfect pagination style using CSS

One of the blogs I often read is the one from Antonio Lupetti who is a Web developer, not a Notes developer. Especially his article about pagination caught my attention since it remembered me about the idea to rewrite Bob Obringers ‘ultimate view navigator’.

Bob uses in his approach for the pagination a table to display the page numbers where a list should be more suitable.

As the image below shows with Antonio’s approach it is pretty easy to make the pagination more compatible with examples seen on other well known sites. Here is a Flickr alike pagination for a Domino view:

Flickr alike domino view pagination

Anything new under the sun? Not really, but for the ‘purists’ under us more esthetic solution.

Ofcourse a working example can be found here.


3 thoughts on “Perfect pagination style using CSS

  1. Keith Strickland 2008-April-21 / 3:48 am

    I tackled this with some javascript at one point in time. It was a real bear to figure out It was originally for a domino photo gallery that never got completed. The pagination worked but was clunky. Using a list with CSS would have been a much more elegant solution.

  2. murugesan 2008-May-16 / 9:34 am


    Thats really great. I am very new to Lotus Development. I would like to display all persons of names.nsf in the above format(Pagination). Any idea? any sample application?


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