How I got started with Lotus Notes

Some minutes before a meeting so I will shortly pick up the tread “How I got started with Lotus Notes”.

I started with Notes in the beginning of 1997 after doing a graduation project at one of Dupont’s factory-plants (basically I was collecting annual sales data for writing reports).

At the end everyone was really satisfied and I got the question if I would be interested in setting up their intranet site. Notes 4.5 was rolled out and already in use in other countries/plants.

I got training at IBM and it helped a lot that in those days I had to travel a lot by train so the yellow Lotus Notes book I knew soon by head.

After one year I saw an advertisement that a big company in electronics in the Netherlands where looking for people to train in LN and they offered the complete education (application development and system administration) so after 3 months I was able to call my self principle lotus notes professional in both areas.

Then after a couple of years some collegues asked me if I was interested in starting a consultancy company, basically because they needed a person with good web development skills in LN. I said yes and after some wonderful years internal relations went a bit down and I decided to start freelancing, enjoying my own responsibilities.

In 2005 I decided to take the next step by looking for working options abroad and in beginning 2006 I moved to Sweden where I am currently employed at a true IBM technology adapting company…


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