Mimicing the tabbed table function

tab1The problem with the Notes tabbed table is that you can not, by default, add an action when you click on a tab.

I created a tabbed table function in the way you probably would do it on the web (with hidding/showing divs) so a tab is just a table column with a text hotspot in it. When you click on the text a different table would be shown with an ‘active tab’ highlighted:


The reason for this solution is that the form is presented in a dialogbox and I have to set a parameter from which tab the user has selected a document-template (templates may be stored in different databases).

So how to fix this with a Notes tabbed table outlook?

First create images for all active tabs:

tab1 & tab2

Then sharpen your eyes (or use good photo-editor program) and select a part of the horizontal row/border that aligns the table to the width of the page (correctly described?):

This is an enlarged example:


Now place your tabbed images in separate tables, give the table a background color and a cell image of the ‘zoomed’ example:

 table properties

On your ‘tabbed’ images you place hotspot rectangles that will do the hide/when-work. Here you can write now also the action that is not possible for a normal ‘tabbed table’:

hotspot formula

At the end the result will look something like this:

result tabbed mimic


One thought on “Mimicing the tabbed table function

  1. Charles Robinson 2008-March-20 / 3:13 pm

    One other point you forgot to mention: in the image resource properties set the “images across” to 2. Otherwise it tries to show both images simultaneously.

    I’ve been doing this in an app recently, too, but I took it a step further. I copied out the highlighted tab image and saved that all by itself. Then in the Hotspot I hide the two-image version and show the single image. The end result is the tab stays highlighted when clicked, which is what the users expect. If you have a different technique for selecting which of the two image are displayed in the table I’d be interested in hearing it. I’d love to not need two images for every tab.

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