Levels in Notes Domino Development

I am currently writing some documents including simple tests/code examples that should help our (Domino) developers in grading their levels of experience.

Searching on the web I found some documents that describe different levels on different technical areas’ (mostly used for grading web developers) like:

When it concerns Notes/Domino related levels, what different areas would you specify?

  • @Formula/@Functions
  • LotusScript
  • JAVA
  • Agents
  • ACL/Security
  • Events (Forms and Views)
  • Web Services

I am just curious what areas of expertise within Lotus Notes/Domino (from a developer point of view) you think are worth defining and grading into levels?

Thank you!


3 thoughts on “Levels in Notes Domino Development

  1. Jaime Bisgrove 2007-December-7 / 9:24 pm

    I would add CSS and Javascript. I write a lot of code for Notes/Domino on the web. As such, a solid understanding of web technologies is required in addition to Notes/Domino specific skills.

  2. Thomas Bahn 2007-December-11 / 6:08 pm

    More Notes/Domino specific:
    – Cryptography in Notes/Domino
    – inter-language interfaces (Evaluate, LS2J, …)
    – OLE/COM interface
    – Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook) interfacing through OLE/COM
    – RDBMS interfaces (LS:DO, LSX, JDBC, …)
    – SAP/R3 interfaces (JCO, XI, …)
    – Interfaces to other systems (ContentManager, …)
    – Mobile applications (for BlackBerry)
    – Lotus Sametime integration & development
    – Lotus Quickr integration & development
    Some more common areas, but also applicable to Notes/Domino developers:
    – Requirements analysis
    – Software architecture
    – Object-oriented analysis
    – Object-oriented design
    – Object-oriented programming
    – Object-oriented design patterns
    – User interface design
    – Using imaging/graphics programs
    – Application test design and implementation
    – Deployment (Notes client apps, Web apps, Servlets, Staging concepts, …)


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