Demo integration Lotus Notes and activePDF

I received some questions on a previous article on integrating Lotus Notes / Domino with activePDF.

A quick wrapup: yes via LotusScript you can make a connection with activePDF’s server products (in this case I use activePDF server and activePDF Toolkit professional which you can download for evaluation here). With activePDF you can create, stitch, write on PDF’s. Lotus Notes / Domino we use as web-engine, configurator & database to store created PDF’s for furture handling.

In the demo itself I only demonstrate how to write a text-line to a PDF but in the original article you find more examples how to add text area’s, pictures & drawings to a PDF.

How to get it running?

  • Copy the database to your data directory and open the database in Notes.
  • In the ‘Edit DB Settings’ menu-link (which you see if you apply ‘Enforce consistant ACL on all replicas’) you enter a correct path where you want to extract files to.
    • in this path we extract the template PDF we use with already added a nice background
    • this path we also create new PDF’s in which we later delete when we embed them in a Notes document
  • In the DB Settings profile document we also specify which fonts are available we can use in the card profile document. The card profile documents are a more or less the card templates the user can create a PDF from.
    • In the database there is already a card profile document created so you can use that in the demo.
  • Open the database in a browser and ‘F-CardRequest?OpenForm’ in the URL after the database filename.

This is what you will be presented:

card request form

After filling in the requested fields a PDF will be created and presented to you. The result might look like this: (card sample PDF).

I have uploaded the database somewhere and if everything goes you right you should be able to download it here. Please let me know if you have any difficulties opening the location.

So what are possible business solutions?

Solutions I have worked on are:

  • a business cards application
  • a poster / leaflet application where dealers can create personalized marketing material based upon defined corporate standards
  • an application to print out certificates after a workshop
  • ‘new baby born’ cards

Well basically let your creative imagination run free 🙂

The nice part of Lotus Notes is that you can distribute the (Notes) documents containing the PDF or add an ordering form to it.

The downpart is that if I understood it correctly activePDF uses a ‘bottom up’ approach so it locates a x-y location from the left bottom of the PDF and writes the information to it. It does not count if the content of this information oversizes the bottom of the PDF file. So it will just keep on writing one one single PDF file.

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