Integrating CardScan into your Domino applications

product example 

CardScan is very handy scan-device for managing your business-cards on your computer. In order to let Windows recognize the product the software delivered with the product installs a driver and a program to manage your scanned cards.

Via the Intellisync software you can replicate your contacts to your local address book. The support site says that you can ONLY replicate to the names.nsf file. Other database filenames it will not accept.

But what if you want to use the scan-device in your Domino application, for example a database that collects first contact details for your CRM application?

Okej, you COULD rename your real names.nsf database and name your CRM application names.nsf and give the form that collects the user details the name Contact. But you DON’T want this because this would screw up your initial Notes setup.


So what are your other options? The CardScan software did install a DLL file, right? Why not use the same DLL that the CardScan program uses in your Domino application?

CardScan Software Developers Kit

The CardScan Software Developers Kit (SDK) is a product for software developers. It provides programmatic access to CardScan’s business card recognition capabilities. Using the SDK you can control the Corex scanner, acquire card images, process them one at a time or in batch, and retrieve the results sorted into fields like Name, Title, Company, Street Address, City, State, and Zip Code.

Example initialization in LotusScript

Const Cardscan_SUCCESS = 1          

‘ 1 = Operation succeeded

‘ Initialize the dynamic link library and register the client application:

Declare Function Cardscan_Init Lib “cssdk32.dll” ( RTKaddress As Long)  As Long

‘ RTKaddress = address to receive RTK handle

Dim intReturn As Integer

intReturn = Cardscan_Init(RTKaddress)

If intReturn <> Cardscan_SUCCESS Then

  Exit Sub

End If

3 thoughts on “Integrating CardScan into your Domino applications

  1. Michael Timmermann 2007-April-4 / 3:52 pm


    that sounds very interesting to me. There is really not much information about this topic on the web. Is there any documentation for the SDK available? Is an additional developer license required?

    Thank you in advance for your feedback!


  2. Paul Gaudion 2009-June-15 / 1:30 am

    Hi Patrick, your demo is awesome. Thankyou for making it available.

    One quick question I hope you wouldn’t mind answering, I am from Australia.

    I want to scan and capture Mobile Phone information (in the US they call it Cell Phone) into the scanning fields and pass it to the Notes document. I have changed the profile doc to have field 30 be allocated to it. I can’t seem to get the values in.

    Which call in the script library do I need to change/map to get this connected?

    Any help appreciated. Paul

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