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Lotuscript to Java Beans

It seems that video tutorials / webinars have become the standard in education. Probably because video seems to be considered as one of the most trustworthy source of information. The less positive effect of video tutorials is that they (still) take

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Presentations from EntwicklerCamp 2012 available

I have experienced that IBM has some problems linking to their material that lies out in the open, but I hope this post does not cause the same kind of trouble. I also know the solution in case needed: contact

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CardScanR available on OpenNTF

I finalized an initial (and presumably final) release on OpenNTF, available here. The application is a simple contact registration application and ofcourse XPages based. I think the application can be a great start to extend it as an inquiry application…

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How to create a spotlight page for your Notes database

To maintain the development of a number of standardized applications I use a Notes database where developers/application owners can register ‘new ideas’ for applications, convert them into tasks and include them in planned releases. One application for example allows the

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XPages and WQO agents – Cardscan app

I would love to rebuild my Cardscan integration application with XPages and make it an OpenNTF project, the only BUT is  that the transfer of the data that comes from Cardscan is done via a WQO agent in LotusScript. I

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JavaScript support in the Notes client

I was scanning some old Lotus Advisor Magazines when I noticed this bold statement about JavaScript support in an edition of May 1999. The vision is great, you may wonder how long did we come so far?

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Create breadcrumbs (Notes)

The following code lets you store breadcrumbs on a document, based upon the parent-child relation. Function GetDocumentCategory(doc As notesdocument) As String Dim session As New notessession Dim db As notesdatabase Dim node As notesdocument Dim Category As String Set node

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Workflow in Notes applications

Something I like about traveling is to be able to spend some time on reading larger documents than a couple of pages. For example publications / articles from The View magazine. This time I had printed out some old skool

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