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Single Page Application tutorial

After watching the video on YouTube on the Single Page Application wizard I became curious and decided to take a test and mobilize an application myself. I choose the infamous “fake names” application for this. I have written a blog article/tutorial about

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Using Bootstrap in XPages – The ultimate incomplete guide

This document describes how to integrate the popular front-end framework Twitter Bootstrap with XPages. The purpose is to provide developers an introduction to use Twitter Bootstrap in XPages development projects by building an actual application. Below you can find a

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Distribution of the extension library

I have written a document on the distribution of the extension library. I have compared Upgrade Pack installation option with using an Update Site. You may guess who has become the winner. If there is anything incorrect stated in the

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??? Can even be customized by providing an inherited renderer

Slide 49 from  Show110 – Using the XPages Extension Library for the Real World (Lotusphere 2012) says: Application Layout Control – Can even be customized by providing an inherited renderer Has anyone an idea what is meant here?

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New release of Bildr released =)

Today I released a new version of my xpages playground aka Bildr (4.01 so never mind the bugs) on OpenNTF (link). Beside the following ‘small media campaign':   and this blog-post we’ll see how people pick up this new release.

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Bildr on Extension Library (work in progress)

In the last week before vacation I have some time left for some experiment. So I decided after reading the extension library guide to start rewriting the Bildr project on OpenNTF. Untill now I have come pretty far and the

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Presentations from EntwicklerCamp 2012 available

I have experienced that IBM has some problems linking to their material that lies out in the open, but I hope this post does not cause the same kind of trouble. I also know the solution in case needed: contact

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New version of CardScanR released on OpenNTF

The previous version of my project on OpenNTF never made it to the catalog due to some issues with used code (I never bothered to mention it in any notice file). I thought it would be easier in future updates

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New release of Viewr on OpenNTF

Awrighty, just before the weekend I managed to squeeze out some work that had landed on the shelf. It’s a new version of the Viewr application I have submitted to OpenNTF. Main changes for this app is the implementation of

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Superfluous Space – Mobile Controls

Today I discovered the cause to a problem I was having with the dataview in a mobile control, and hopefully it will help others. The dataview control was not rendered properly for a mobile device so the specified target page

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