Presentations from EntwicklerCamp 2014 – Track 1

Track Session Subject Download Presentation
Track1 Session1 XPages – 1 – Notes-Daten auf das Smartphone oder Tablet – Datenaustausch zwischen nativen mobilen Anwendungen und Domino mit Hilfe von XPage$FILE/T1S1-Notes-Daten-1.pdf
Track1 Session2 XPages – 1 – Notes-Daten auf das Smartphone oder Tablet – Datenaustausch zwischen nativen mobilen Anwendungen und Domino mit Hilfe von XPage$FILE/T1S2-Fehlerbehandlung%20in%20Notes.pdf
Track1 Session3 XPages – 3 – Schick mit Grid – DataGrids in XPages$FILE/T1S3-SchickMitGrid.pdf
Track1 Session4 Notes-Daten auf das Smartphone oder Tablet – konkrete Code-Beispiele und Erfahrungen aus echten Projekten$FILE/T1S4-Notes-Daten-2.pdf
Track1 Session5 Domino Designer – Tips, Tricks and Enhancements for Maximum Productivity!$FILE/T1S5-Designer%20EntwicklerCamp%202014.pdf
Track1 Session6 Composit apps – Fange ich noch an?$FILE/T1S6-CompositApps-fange-ich-noch-an-Anleitung.pdf$FILE/T1S6-CompositApps-fange-ich-noch-an.pdf$FILE/T1S6-CompositApps-fange-ich-noch-an-Beispiel2.pdf$FILE/T1S6-CompositApps-fange-ich-noch-an-Beispiel1.pdf

Track1 Session7 Sicherheit in Notes (Anwendungen)$FILE/T1S7-Sicherheit%20in%20der%20Notes%20Entwicklung.pdf
Track1 Session8 dynamisches Maskendesign$FILE/T1S8-DynamischesMaskendesign-V2.pdf
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5 weeks of XPages

Counting the hours before vacation starts. Looking forward to reading some good summer reading…


Enjoy your summer!

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New project on OpenNTF: DB Manager Notifier

Today I created a new project on OpenNTF called ‘DB Manager Notifier‘. The application is a tool that can send periodically notifications to persons who are listed as Manager in an Application document in the catalog.nsf on your IBM Domino server.

A typical use case is a Development or Sandbox environment where users are free to install new applications. In such loosely managed environments people tend to “forget” their applications and leave them installed on the server.

The application contains an agent which you can set to scheduled e.g. monthly. The memo contains a default message and an overview of the applications the recipient is listed as Manager, including a doc-link to the catalog document and a link to the application. From there the recipient can decide what to do with their application(s).


The idea behind this app is not to increase the amount of mail people receive but receiving a summary of your applications with links can saves you time doing your application maintenance and may reduce the used amount of disc-space on the server.

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Rooms & Connections now in Google Play

The Rooms & Connections app that I mentioned earlier is besides the iTunes store  now also available in Google Play. So get it there for 22 SEK, 2 1/2 Euro or 3.3 US Dollar and book a room directly from your smartphone / tablet.

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Demo of the Single Page Application Wizard control

You can bring a IBM Notes application without much work to the web browser via the Notes Browser plugin. But since Mobile is the standard nowadays that plugin seems to be obsolete almost. So what other options do you have for your enterprise apps?

  • You can introduce a mobile application platform, if you have the time and the money.
  • You can migrate your whole collaboration platform in exchange for something less, similar or not similar at all. And prey for mobile tools on that platform.
  • You can rewrite your apps and deliver them with the help of frameworks as mobile web application or in between solution.

Or… you save yourself the time & bucks and install the Extension Library version that contains the Single Page Application wizard from OpenNTF.

I have made a video in which I demonstrate how to mobilize the fakenames application in a couple of minutes. First I will describe the wizard and how the process for mobilizing an app looks like. Then I demonstrate the actual development which will take about 8 1/2 minutes.

Update – watch on Vimeo

Video on Vimeo: in case you experience the message ‘This video is not available in your country’.


Enjoy the video!

In case you want to contact me on mobilizing your Notes app, just send me an email.


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Adding search to an application with XPages interface (quickly)

For a project I was asked to deliver a new user interface for the web browser with the help of XPages. This included a search functionality.

First step: Look on OpenNTF

OpenNTF is a great resource to check if someone has done development before and has made the code available for public.

Here are some results that offer some form of search out of the box:

  • Advanced Search XPage Control (link)
  • Xpages Multi Database Search Custom Control (link)
  • Xpage Search And Tagcloud control (link)
  • XPages Basic Search (link)

I decided to go for the Advanced Search control. In case I have missed a great project on OpenNTF that provides a good search please drop a line in the comments.

Step 2: Modification

The Advanced Search control did not use any fancy from the extension library. So instead of the viewPanel control I decided to use the dataView control, plus the tooltip control to reduce the initial amount of text on the screen. Then I added some pagers from the extension library control again and voila here is the result:


So my search is ready in a couple of hours. Who says XPages is not rapid application development?

Thank you

A big thank you to all those who contributed their work to OpenNTF!

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Tag cloud with data from another application

For a project I needed a tag cloud to provide some alternative navigation to a view. Easy I thought; such control is part of the XPages extension library. However it turns out that this control does not support to use a view from another application/database as the data-source.

Some examples I found (1), (2), (3) required some work anyway so I wrote a quick prototype based upon the tag cloud component described in the OneUI documentation. The tag cloud is really simple but for now it does the job (as it appears). Here is the code.

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>
<xp:view xmlns:xp=””&gt;
<xp:panel tagName=”div” styleClass=”lotusTagCloud lotusChunk”
style=” overflow: hidden”>
<xp:text escape=”false” id=”txCloud”>

var viewPrefs: NotesView = database.getView(“$v-preferences”);
var docPrefs: NotesDocument = viewPrefs.getFirstDocument();
var serv = docPrefs.getItemValueString(“tx_server”);
var faqdb = docPrefs.getItemValueString(“tx_loc_faq”);

var db:NotesDatabase = session.getDatabase(serv,faqdb);
var vw:NotesView = db.getView(compositeData.vwSource);

var coll:NotesDocumentCollection = vw.getAllEntries();
var totalNum:Integer = coll.getCount();
var myNum:Integer;

var result:String = “”;

var ref = compositeData.ref;

var nav:NotesViewNavigator = vw.createViewNav();
var ve:NotesViewEntry = nav.getFirst();

//some calculation first…
var high:Integer = 0;
var low:Integer = 1000;
var max:Integer = 5;
while (ve != null) {

if (ve.isCategory()){
if (ve.getChildCount() > high){
high = ve.getChildCount()
if (ve.getChildCount() < low){
low = ve.getChildCount();

// Get the next entry and recycle the current one
var tmpentry = nav.getNext();
ve = tmpentry;

var range:Integer = high-low;
var factor:Integer = max*low;
var ceil:Integer = max-1;

//create cloud…
var nav:NotesViewNavigator = vw.createViewNav();
var ve:NotesViewEntry = nav.getFirst();

while (ve != null) {

if (ve.isCategory()){
var myScore = Math.round(((ceil / range) * myNum) + (high – factor) / range);
result+=”<li><a class=’lotusF” + myScore + “‘ href='” + ref + cat + “‘>” + cat + “[" + myNum + "]</a></li>”

// Get the next entry and recycle the current one
var tmpentry = nav.getNext();
ve = tmpentry;

return “<ul>” + result + “</ul>”;}]]></xp:this.value>
<xp:attr name=”role” value=”navigation”></xp:attr>

Code walkthrough

The code resides in a custom control which uses 2 properties; one for the view to use as data-source and the link to use to redirect to. The links will direct to a page with a view that will be filtered by the ‘selected text’.

The code resides in an application that reads data from another NSF that does not contain any XPages code yet. In the project will deliver a new web interface for an existing Domino application and I wanted to avoid code collision. The ultimate goal would be to remove all the “old-spice” Domino code one day. So for now I have a preferences document where I store the location of the data-source application.

I go through the data-source view twice :-? since the application does not have so many documents this is (still) acceptable. The values for the tags are calculated and at the end we write the values back to the screen. The CSS in the OneUI does the nice styling job.


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