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Visitors per day statistics with zooming and weekends (prototype)

I created a visitor statistics prototype for an application. With the statistics we would like to check if an application is used frequently or if it’s sensitive to corporate news updates. The application help the user to select what type

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breadcrumbs in XPages (non extension library style)

I have still got a question open on the XPages development forum regarding how to use the breadcrumb control from the Extension Library. In case you happen to have an answer on the question, please post  it there (or here…).

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Navbar with dropdown menu from Notes view in Twitter Bootstrap (with XPages)

Introduction Hey hey, sorry to bother you again with a post about using a Notes view in combination with Twitter Bootstrap. In my previous post I was not sure about using nav-pills. I fear not all users will understand them. I

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Dropdown menu from Notes view in Twitter Bootstrap (with XPages)

Introduction OK, so I was a bit unsatisfied with the navigation list in my previous post. The nav-list component seems not to be destined to contain too many category sub levels. Dropdowns Toggleable, contextual menu for displaying lists of links.

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Navigation list from Notes view in Twitter Bootstrap (with XPages)

Introduction In my previous post I demonstrated how you create breadcrumbs from Notes view in Twitter Bootstrap. A typical Notes application contains an outline (I assume you don’t the Navigator design element anymore). In this post I demonstrate how to create

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Breadcrumbs from Notes view in Twitter Bootstrap (with XPages)

Long long long time ago I wrote how to create breadcrumbs in Notes and on the Web with help of JQuery. In case you are interested using Twitter Bootstrap with XPages chances are you want to provide similar navigational options for your beloved

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Distribution of the extension library

I have written a document on the distribution of the extension library. I have compared Upgrade Pack installation option with using an Update Site. You may guess who has become the winner. If there is anything incorrect stated in the

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jQuery Mobile 1.3 Panel Widget XPages demo (for download)

The last couple of days I have been ‘playing’ with jQuery Mobile and mostly with the panel widget. I have made some kind of starter-kit (NSF) to build a great XPages app for tablets/smartphones. I have setup a subset of

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Adding resources that include parameters (xpages tip)

You have several options how to include resources (e.g. css files) that include query parameters. What does not seem to work is to add such a style sheet reference via the Resources \ Style sheet option. However if you add

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jQuery Mobile in XPages- Panel Widget

jQuery Mobile 1.3 is recently released. This release is focused on elevating responsive web design (RWD) and brings lots of cool new widgets including panels, dual handle range sliders, and two different responsive table modes. Panel widget One of the most

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