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Tip of the day: isDocument() for nested data in the Data View control

You can show nested data in the details section of the Data View control. Read about it here: Data Views – Part 10: Nested Repeat in the Detail Section. In case you have a ‘flat’ Data View (one without collapisble categories)

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Presentations from EntwicklerCamp 2014 – Track 2

Track Session Subject Download Presentation Track2 Session1 IBM Connections$FILE/T2S1-IBM%20Connections.pdf Track2 Session2 XPages und Connections$FILE/T2S2-Xpages%20und%20Connections.pdf Track2 Session3 iNotes deep dive$FILE/T2S3-iNotesDevPres.pdf Track2 Session4 Notes Database Security – Analyse, Konzept und Techniken$FILE/T2S4%20Notes%20Database%20Security.pdf Track2 Session5 XPages und Java$FILE/T2S5-XPages_und_Java_2014.pdf Track2

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Presentations from EntwicklerCamp 2014 – Track 1

Track Session Subject Download Presentation Track1 Session1 XPages – 1 – Notes-Daten auf das Smartphone oder Tablet – Datenaustausch zwischen nativen mobilen Anwendungen und Domino mit Hilfe von XPage$FILE/T1S1-Notes-Daten-1.pdf Track1 Session2 XPages – 1 – Notes-Daten auf das Smartphone

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Demo of the Single Page Application Wizard control

You can bring a IBM Notes application without much work to the web browser via the Notes Browser plugin. But since Mobile is the standard nowadays that plugin seems to be obsolete almost. So what other options do you have

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Tag cloud with data from another application

For a project I needed a tag cloud to provide some alternative navigation to a view. Easy I thought; such control is part of the XPages extension library. However it turns out that this control does not support to use

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Go Connect Go!

With IBMConnect about to start I updated my collection of blog posts about the XPages technology. I started collecting in 2009, directly after Lotusphere where it was one of the highlights at the show. I remember that the blogosphere exploded after/during Declan

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Using Bootstrap in XPages – The ultimate incomplete guide

This document describes how to integrate the popular front-end framework Twitter Bootstrap with XPages. The purpose is to provide developers an introduction to use Twitter Bootstrap in XPages development projects by building an actual application. Below you can find a

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eCard XPages app – Time for your seasonal greetings !

The last days I have spent some hours in the evenings to learn me Bootstrap in combination with XPages as bit more. The result is a basic eCard application on XPages which utilizes Bootstrap 2 for UI. Since the Advent

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1900 posts of XPages

I noticed I have reached the 1900 limit of posts in my XPages Knowledge DB. It happens to be that the 1900th post was an ‘oldie‘. I have no doubt I will reach the 2000 limit by the end of this

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Capturing geodata in XPages

In XPages it is not default possible to capture geodata information with any control so you are depending on services (not a problem if they provide the correct data). Here is an example how to capture a visitor’s geodata via and

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