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SNTT – Usemap & XPages

Introduction I thought I write this one down. A developer asked me how to make a form more user-friendly. Basically a user reports via the form a problem somewhere in the building to the central desk and they send a

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Dojo Cheat Sheet

I guess everyone likes to cheat once in a while. The XPages Cheat Sheet contains a lot of references to Dojo but as expected it is more focused on XPages than on Dojo. There is however a good overview of

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Using the Dojo widgets XPages

The following URL on the Japanse version of developerWorks leads to a nice document that describes the opportunities about using Dojo widgets on XPages: Since the document is in Japanese Google Translate is probably your friend: Uhm.. nice

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Dojo and Notes – Presentation Entwicklercamp

One of the good things of growing up in The Netherlands is that is so centrally located in Europe and you are used of travelling through different countries and (forced) talking different languages quiet early (at least I was). Beside

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Mastering Dojo

I have just started with the following book ‘Mastering Dojo: JavaScript and Ajax Tools for Great Web Experiences‘ to understand the framework a bit more (I hope I have selected the right book to start with?). For those who have

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My first experience(s) with Domino Designer 8.5plus

I am testing the latest drop-code for Domino Designer 8.5plus and it is my first development experience with XPages. I just thought I will write down my first experiences, maybe it may be useful one time. At first I was

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How to initiate a partial refresh from a dijit.tree?

On an XPage I have a dojo.dijitree module which uses a Notes View as the datastore. I have the universal ID of the referring document available for each item in my tree widget. What I would like to do know

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Displaying a Domino view in the dojo dijit.tree

Just before I will stamp some time in displaying a categorzied Domino View in a dojo dijit.tree I am wondering if anyone has done this before and is willing to share the code? Google brought me do far no fortune

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Introducing IBM Lotus Domino Designer 8.5. Now with Eclipse

Here is my report of jumpstart session 206 ‘Introducing IBM Lotus Domino Designer 8.5. Now with Eclipse!’. Eclipse Eclipse brings a modern IDE to Domino developers. Almost everything seems to be property-driven. The infoboxes are migrated to Eclipse properties panels

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Introduction Dojo Toolkit & IBM Lotus Domino

Currently I am collecting all sorts of information about implementing the DOJO Toolkit in Lotus Domino applications. Basically for preparing myself for a upcoming project to ‘pimp’ an existing web-application using this JS Framework. Untill now I have been only working

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I am Patrick Kwinten. I am a IBM Notes Domino Product Specialist since 1996. With this blog I am trying to give my contribution to the community.
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