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Local development environment

I needed to setup a new development environment because we moved recently from Windows XP to Win7 (yihaa! I am a corporate developer). Because my ‘closest to administrator’ like co-developer (an ex-admin who we have convinced to development!) is on

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No more a Domino developer -> XPage designer =)

I was reading an article on Smashing Magazine and noticed somewhere a link to CV Parade. I was a bit shocked about the state of my own CV (still in a deadly boring Word document) so I decided to polish

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New control submitted for the XPages development contest

I have submitted a new control to OpenNTF for the XPages development contest. The control is an abstract of the implementation of Galleria in the Bildr project. In short words: the control enables to publish an image slider on your

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JSF Expression Language (presentation)

Yesterday I participated in an Advanced XPages Workshop by Emvege which was interesting. In the course material was a presentation on the JSF Expression Language which is also available online: link.

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Design @ IBM – Widget Gallery

I am not sure if anyone has mentioned the Widget Gallery on IBM’s Design site? If you explore the widgets gallery you will find an excellent description of each (dojo) widget including demo’s, documentation, source code, enhancement and related widgets.

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Web Application Development Resource List

I am moving over my bookmarks from Firefox to Google Bookmark (just because I have more stuff in use @Google) when I noticed some ‘blasts from the past’ like this link for instance: Web Application Development Resource List (on the

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How to (re)load a form in a sidebar panel?

I have created an app to upload and share large files over the network. Instead of sending attachments, files are being stored in a central repository and references to the containing document are being sent. It works great, users select

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Seven (Must-See) Videos and Presentations for Web App Developers

Some may argue if video’s are the best way of educating developers, here are at least some presentations I enjoyed watching: Smashing Magazine

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My first experience(s) with Domino Designer 8.5plus

I am testing the latest drop-code for Domino Designer 8.5plus and it is my first development experience with XPages. I just thought I will write down my first experiences, maybe it may be useful one time. At first I was

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The Woork Handbook

One of the Blogs I like to follow is Woork by Antonio Lupetti. Antonio writes about web design and web development. His articles contain appealing tutorials and great, practical example code. A must read for Domino developers. Last month he has

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Looking for a new challenge
After an x number of years working in the same environment I have decided to look for a new challenge. Are you looking for a smart companion?

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