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Correct content-type

I received a call that an ‘aged’ Domino application was causing problems in IE9. Stylesheets documents created by a form were not strict text/css but text/html instead.   Even though the On Web Access Content-type form properties were set correct.

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Download: Twitter Bootstrap in Domino Blog

Have you sometimes the feeling that in case you know too much it may be used against you? Recently I posted how to include Twitter Bootstrap in the IBM Domino Blog template.  Some time ago I blogged frequently about administrating that

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Code templates in DDE: demonstration of CSS template.

In presentation AD103 ‘Embracing the EclipseTM Within’ Maureen Leland says (slide 14): Code templates can be a tremendous time saver, and help implement common team conventions Well received for LotusScript, but also available for: Java CSS HTML XML If you take stylesheets

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Printer-friendly CSS for OneUI?

I have an application which is based heavy on the XPages Framework available on OpenNTF. When printing a document most of the images used for styling disappear. However I would like to provide an even more printer-friendly style-sheet. For example

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View control messed up in Declan’s template

For those of you who would like to use Declan Sciolla-Lynch’s XPage framework as a default development template I have a warning when using View controls. It will lack the default presentation layer as you expect it would look like.

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XPages – Converting an existing Domino application

I would like t o quote a famous Dutch soccer trainer Ben jij nou zo dom of ben ik nou zo slim? Translated into English it would be something like: Am you so dumb or am I now so smart?

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jQuery TreeView Menu from Notes View

I was looking for a way to get a web publishing toolkit in Notes away from displaying documents in a frameset. The frameset consists of several frames: a header section a leftside navigation section a main or content section The

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Pagination on a View in the Notes client

A problem with Notes Views is that when they contain a lot of documents scrolling becomes inevitable. Even when you apply categorized columns it will become necessary that users click through the Views. An option would be that you just

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Elastic Calendar Styling with CSS

Today is my last day in the office before I will enjoy a well deserved summer holidays (here in Sweden my Swedish collegues are already 3 weeks ahead of me). So this last day I was pretty much done with

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