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Timeglider XPages app with Timeglider jQuery widget files included

Although I promote to download the application via OpenNTF for those are not  acquainted with the package explorer I want to share a public link to an example NSF whihc contains already the required Timeglider files which you should otherwise install

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New project on OpenNTF – Timeglider

Today I posted a new project on OpenNTF: Timeglider JS is a zooming, panning data-driven timeline widget written in Javascript. This project delivers an XPages application to manage the documents in a Notes DB so you can distribute corporate timelined

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New release of Bildr

I have submitted a new release of my Bildr project on OpenNTF. In case you are unaware of this project, the application allows you to quickly upload and share images within your network. Images are scaled and you can group

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Name change

What’s in a name? Since I am focussing on development in XPages already for a long time and I am not afraid to follow up  good advice I decided to drop Domino in the name of this blog.  

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Download: Twitter Bootstrap in Domino Blog

Have you sometimes the feeling that in case you know too much it may be used against you? Recently I posted how to include Twitter Bootstrap in the IBM Domino Blog template.  Some time ago I blogged frequently about administrating that

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Wondering if this will become my next project on OpenNTF…

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Zähme den Tiger – Java entwicklung in Notes & Domino

Introduction Today I read this presentation by Bernd Hort held at EntwicklerCamp 2012. Judging fromthe different presentations this sounds like a excellent conference! This was a nice opportunity to rehearse my German. In case your German is not so good

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AD104 Intro to Managed Beans (Russel Maher, MWLUG 2012)

Introduction This presentation was not on my initial ‘to-study list’ so I will add it there. The presentation was held by Russel Maher at the MWLUG 2012. Not surprisingly this presentation has quiet some familiarities with the presentation Improving XPages

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AD102 – Caffeinate your XPages with Java (Jeremy Hodge, MWLUG 2012)

Time for another step in my road ahead. This time I have studied Jeremy Hodge’s presentation at MWLUG 2012. As promised Jeremy will demonstrate how to inject Java in XPages application. Getting started with Java in Designer & XPages Java Design element

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