How to initiate a partial refresh from a dijit.tree?

On an XPage I have a dojo.dijitree module which uses a Notes View as the datastore.

I have the universal ID of the referring document available for each item in my tree widget.

What I would like to do know is when some clicks on an item that a part of the content on the XPage gets refreshed with a part (data field) of the referring document. But I am not sure how to do this.

The only thing I have is an onclick event on my tree-item.

When I have have a button with the partical refresh enabled it says:

<xp:eventHandler event=”onclick” submit=”true” refreshMode=”partial” refreshId=”PaneToRefresh”>

Then I can place an server side action like:


If I place this action under my script I get the problem indication:

The markup tag script can only contain controls and markup tags.

So if you have a clue how to place a partial refresh under a ‘normal’ script that collects data from a document somewhere else then I would be greatful to hear it from you…


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Born in Holland, current country of residence is Sweden. IBM Notes Consultant since 1997. Main focus is Xpages development. Other interests: computers, motorcycles, music (bass guitar) & cooking.

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5 comments on “How to initiate a partial refresh from a dijit.tree?
  1. Jeremy Hodge says:

    What I do is have a button (for example named “refreshnow_button”) set up to do the partial refresh i want, with the following CSS to hide the button from the user:


    then, when I want to do the partial refresh from a client side script, i enter the following in the “client” event:

    dojo.byId(“#{javascript:getClientId(‘refreshnow_button’)}”).click() … wallah …

    depending on what (else) is going on around it in the script, you might find it helpful to put it in a setTimeout() as well, which will execute the script in X milliseconds, like this:

    setTimeout(“dojo.byId(\”#{javascript:getClientId(‘refreshnow_button’)}\”).click()”, 1000)

    Hope that Helps!

  2. Jeremy Hodge says:

    … hmm … obviously the “… wallah …” is not part of the code ;)

  3. hej Jeremy, thanks for the tip but it does not seem to work for me (yet).

    I just have added a simple alert() command under the button. pushing the button straight causes the alert to occur, but trying to call the alert by invoking the button via a script does not seem to work :-?

    probably i am doing something wrong here…

  4. Tim Tripcony says:

    Patrick, I’ll give you a hint:

    XSP._firePartialRefreshEvent(“axfull”,””, “”,targetId,””,””,targetId,””,true,true,true);

    I’m not sure why the ID to be refreshed has to be passed twice, but it does.

  5. Jeremy Hodge says:

    Tim … I don’t believe that the _firePartialRefreshEvent(…) is _forward_ compatible…

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